Public notice for individual project providers, organizations or companies who wish to  compete for new ideas using new technologies, applications, equipment, entrepreneurial projects, digital products and platforms to promote care solutions for communities, families, caregivers or single individuals



This notice is part of the “OPENCARE – Open Participatory Engagement in Collective Awareness for REdesign of Care Services” project activities.



Opencare is an open project, shared with a global community working together to make healthcare and social care accessible to everyone, through working with open-source logic and by promoting ways of enhancing active individual and community participation using a collective intelligence platform.



This Call aims to launch an open international public competition for gathering innovative ideas in the field of new technologies, apps, equipment, entrepreneurial ideas, products and digital platforms that promote care solutions for communities, families, caregivers and single individuals. The premise is that progressively institutions will be ever less able to respond to the growing healthcare and social care needs of a deeply changing society. Thus new approaches, and new, more open, participatory solutions, which empower both individuals and communities, are needed.



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